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Suena Conde Duque
Conde Duque Cultural Center

Client: City Council of Madrid
Type: Music department content design and curation

Suena Conde Duque is part of the new stage of the Conde Duque Cultural Center, of approach and openness to citizens and creators, and its objectives are, on the one hand, to encourage the habit of enjoying live music on a regular basis, through through a program that includes weekly concerts and, on the other hand, facilitating the discovery of new artists of different styles and trends for the public of Madrid. This eclecticism starts from the idea that music, in its primary state, does not understand labels or styles, since these only exist, and persist, due to a human need for categorization. Through musical styles, we have the illusion of understanding the music we listen to, but music speaks, in essence, of emotion, and it is not as necessary to understand it as to feel it. In this way, we invite the public in Madrid to understand music as a continuum, in which musical labels take a back seat, and listening prevails.

Over three seasons, artists of all styles and trends have passed through Suena Conde Duque, such as Shabazz Palaces, Kalabrese, Daedelus, Tunng, Yamila & BFlecha, William Basinski, Laura Gibson, Suso Sáiz, Panda Bear, Niño de Elche, Oso Leone, Marc Ribot, Don The Tiger, The Comet is Coming, Dengue Dengue Dengue, El Remolón or Candeleros or Aitor Etxebarría. 
And added to this regular concert schedule, we promote another of the essential aspects for good health and the development of a certain music scene, education. We want to show how the music we listen to is made, and starting from this simple premise, under the umbrella of the Sound It Yourself concept, we propose the creation of a musical learning context at the Conde Duque Center, through a series of actions. On the one hand, a series of workshops aimed at adolescents, who will learn different aspects of contemporary musical creation and, on the other, a program of conferences-masterclass by some of the musicians of the cycle, who will show the way they compose and they develop their music. Within Suena Conde Duque we have invited artists such as Marc Ribot, William Basinski, Oso Leone, Suso Sáiz or Niño de Elche to perform masterclasses, among others.

Through all these activities, we invite the citizens of Madrid not only to be a spectator, but also to practice free, joint and open listening, to learn through musicians, and to be, in short, an active part of the music scene. from the city.