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Sound It Yourself

Client: Matadero Madrid, Conde Duque Art Center
Type: Music production workshop

Sound It Yourself proposes the creation of a context of musical learning at the Conde Duque Center, through a series of workshops that will show attendees different aspects of contemporary musical creation, especially those that are not covered by regulated teaching . Throughout the workshops of the Sound It Yourself Laboratory, attendees will approach the secrets of computer music production, discover the principles of the composition of a soundtrack, the techniques necessary to become a dj, or how to conduct a program of radio autonomously, among other topics related to music.

Thus, the main objective of this laboratory is that adolescents can experience real contact with musical creation, in a free and unprejudiced way, through a series of musicians and professionals who are experts in each subject to be treated. Learning how to make the music one listens to, or decontextualizing musical teaching, taken to a more playful and closer level than that of a school or conservatory, can make a latent vocation wake up in more than one teenager, leading to develop as a musician.