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Pedro Costa & Os Músicos do Tejo
As Filhas Do Fogo

Client: Cineteca Madrid
Type: Audiovisual performative show

Al Filhas do Fogo is a scenic project by the Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa. The story tells how, fleeing from a devastating Fogo volcano eruption, three young sisters arrive from Cape Verde to a European port. There they wander, holding hands, conjuring their fears through music and songs. There are no demons coming to receive them. Between theater, film, performance and musical, Pedro Costa and Os musicos do Tejo reinvent for RAYO a show that wanders through the days and nights, the misery, the darkness of the alleys and the invisible lives of so many migrants.
Pedro Costa (Portugal, 1959) is a Portuguese film director, known as an innovator in the area of experimental and documentary film, inheriting and expanding the tradition of Portuguese Novo Cinema. Pedro Costa's work blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction to offer a harsh and beautiful portrait of the underprivileged classes.

Os musicos do Tejo
is an early music ensemble founded by Marcos Magalhães and Marta Araújo in 2005. With numerous albums engravings, their focus is on baroque music, but they have worked on various transdisciplinary projects with different musical styles. They have had a regular presence on the most prestigious stages in Portugal, such as the Centro Cultural de Belém and the Gulbenkian Foundation, as well as at various European festivals.