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Peaches & Pussykrew
Virtual Peaches

Client: Cineteca / Matadero Madrid
Type: Audiovisual collaborative live show

Virtual Peaches is the result of the collaboration between the performance force of a punk icon, Peaches, with the virtual poetics of the New York-based multimedia collective Pussykrew, produced specifically for RAYO. Peaches has been scanned in 3D by Pussykrew, opening a virtual space for experimentation in which to explore –and exploit– the corporal, identity and gender limits, creating a joint scenic proposal in which Peaches will be able to transcend the limits of the human, in a new virtual punk world.

Peaches (Canada, 1966), is a musician and performer based in Berlin. In her long career she has released six albums with which she has achieved international recognition, formed bands like The Shit, together with Chilly Gonzales, and collaborated with numerous artists such as Chicks on Speed, Christina Aguilera or Major Lazer.

Pussykrew is an audiovisual collective formed by Welina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas. Their work focuses on creating virtual environments, using 3D scanning techniques through which they explore the intersections between the physical and the digital world. They have presented their work in more than 30 countries, in festivals, galleries and worked with international brands, and collaborated with musicians such as Kelela or Angel Haze.