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Max Richter

Client: Veranos de la Villa Festival
Type: 8 hours-lenght live show

Max Richter’s Sleep is an eight-hour concert conceived to be listened to at night and with the audience in bed. The British composer and performer Max Richter, one of the leaders of contemporary and minimalist classical music, proposes this unique experience that subverts the way of listening to music.

Richter, who for this composition worked with a neuroscientist in order to study the effect of music on the subconscious and its relationship with sleep, defines Sleep as "a lullaby for the modern world", "a manifesto for a slower rhythm of existence”. Critics have described the piece as a masterpiece that explores the slippery terrain between wakefulness and sleep, lucidity and reverie through a profound and beautiful experience of sound contemplation.
Max Richter is a German-born British composer within postminimalism and in the meeting of contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles since the early 2000s. Richter is classically trained, having graduated in composition from the Royal Academy of Music, and studied with Luciano Berio in Italy.

Richter also composes music for stage, opera, ballet and screen. He has also collaborated with other musicians, as well as with performance, installation and media artists. He has recorded eight solo albums and his music is widely used in cinema.