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Fennesz & Suso Saiz

Client: Veranos de la Villa Festival / City Council of Madrid
Type: Collaborative live performance

We wanted to bring together two references from the ambient and experimental scene, Fennesz and Suso Sáiz. We only knew that they had not collaborated before, and it was clear to us that they should. When we suggested to Suso Sáiz the possibility of playing with Fennesz, he showed the same enthusiasm as when we suggested to Fennesz to collaborate with Suso Sáiz. Both agreed on something: they respected each other's work a lot, and for a long time they had wanted to meet and collaborate. So we brought Christian Fennesz to Madrid, and they both met and began preparing what would be their first and memorable performance at the Veranos de la Villa de Madrid festival. To this day, they continue to play together regularly.
Fennesz is considered a great influence on experimentation, Fennesz's art lies in his ability to create precious compositions and textures. His ability to mix melodies with guitar and electronic music, processed by a multitude of effects, has allowed him to publish works that reach excellence. Endless Summer (Mego, 2001) is considered one of the most relevant albums of the beginning of the century and has contributed to changing the perception of current electronics. In recent years he has collaborated with artists of the stature of Ryuichi Sakamoto and his new work, Agora, will be released next March 2019 by the Touch label.

Suso Sáiz is one of the most respected figures in the Spanish music industry. He began his career in the 70s as a composer with jazz, rock, electroacoustic and ambient pieces. He has published fundamental works with his projects Música Dispersa and Orquesta de las Nubes, as well as the recent albums signed under his name, Odyssey and Rainworks, both with the Dutch label Music From Memory, with which he will also release his next album Nothing is Objective. Parallel to his career as a composer and musician, he has earned enormous fame as a producer, appearing in the credits of more than 200 albums to date.